Tuesday, 5 July 2011

SGD stats Day 8

Calorie limit 400.

Breakfast -  15g Chia Seeds (in 1 pint of water) = 79cals
                    Coffee with 0 calorie sweetner = 0cals

Lunch - 2x Jacobs crackers = 70cals
             3x egg whites = 51cals
             Activia fat free raspberry yoghurt = 59cals
Snack - 1/2 Red Grapefruit = 40cals

Supper - 2x Jacobs crackers = 70cals
              Activia fat free raspberry yoghurt = 59cals
Total= 428cals
Exercise= 35mins treadmill = 323cals
                 35mins eliptical = 323cals
        Total= 646cals burned
Strength training - 30 push-ups
                              50 bicycle crunches
                              50 crunches
                              50 side leg lifts
                              50 leg lifts
                              30 squats
I'm not sure how much I burned on strength training so I can't be completely accurate about cals burned today. 

I'm not sure about deficits or whether exercise cancels out calories eaten but all in all I think I've done pretty well today, it's just what I need after such a bad week!
Also I found this article on Shape Magazine's website which I think is brilliant, especially as you should all know by now I'm a bit of an alcoholic, i.e. British, which gives you great recipes for low calorie cocktails


  1. I'm alcoholic too...it's great. Hahaha, not really, but booze is seriously cheap in the US. :P

  2. Exercise can cancel out calories. It just depends on how you want to do your count. Some people don't count it against their intake and others do. I track exercise but I go by actual food eaten. I feel if I up my intake by my amount of exercise it won't be as effective. Good luck!! And hooray for low cal cocktails.

  3. They have "skinny" alcoholic beverages at Applebees - and they taste really good!

    Great intake - extremely healthy. :) And good strength training. Muscle constantly burns fat, so that's awesome!

  4. wow I wish I could do what you can, you're really amazing.I absolutely looove Cocktails but it's so hard to find some with lower cals when you go out drinking cocktails.. the only thing I try to avoid is milk/cream in cocktails. tastes very good but way to fatty!

    good luck with SGD(:

    btw, I'm very interested about what happend with the girl your boyfriends likes a little too much?