Monday, 25 July 2011

Pick Yourself Up And Dust Yourself Off

Firstly I'd like to apologise for not blogging as regularly as I have been doing.  I'm back on track after a weekend of partying.  I have a massive confession to make in that after that experience with the size 0 actress I had a couple of purging sessions to try and give myself a sense of control...needless to say I have promised myself not to do THAT again! 

Friday night was a work party which was tres excellent especially as I took a little of my friend Charlie with me :)  I don't do it often, probably once every six months as I'm poor and can't afford it like those city bankers...well actually if I bought cheaper make-up/toiletries I probably could but I'm too vain!  So Friday resulted in only a few glasses of wine and a complete loss of appetite (even though there was a whole buffet table) and hours of dancing.  I must have lost a fair amount of weight because I ate total crap (chocolate, sweets, fizzy drinks, etc) all of Saturday and Sunday and still weighed in at 110.6lbs this morning...that's a 0.2lb loss.  Go figure.  Anyhoo if I win the lottery I might become a raging addict...but I never will so that's a relief!  Just to be clear (as I know there are a lot of younger members online) that I don't condone the use of class A drugs, in fact I advise you stay well clear as I have at least 3 friends who have had serious rehab admissions but I do from time to time take them and will blog about those occasions.   One thing I'd like to note are the differences in come-downs, good Charlie will only make you feel rubbish for maybe 24 hours after but it will make you ratty for another day, with pills you have a much more fun high (i.e. super happy and lovey-dovey) but the come down lasts for about 3 days and makes me reeeeally depressed.  Does anyone else have the same experience?

So now with my new diet I have invested in gluten-free (wheat-free) bread, I've bought some whey protein as a meal supplement as I'm getting annoyed that with all my strength training I've been doing I don't have the definition that I want.  I've also bought some L-carnatine which helps burn off your fatty acids and makes them available as an energy source for your muscles.  I've timetabled in 5 days a week of gym time which doesn't include strength training, that's purely cardio.  At the moment I'm aiming for a minimum of 600cals being burnt at the gym but that may decrease to 500 cals if I stick to the 5 days a week.  After running on the treadmill at least 3 times a week recently I have noticed some twinges in my old knee injury (from a spin class no less) so I've decided to stick to the eliptical for the next few days to see if it eases up, the last thing I need is an injury!

Today at the gym I did:  30+mins  Treadmill = 351cals
                                       6mins       Rowing Machine = 49cals
                                       25mins     Eliptical = 260cals
Total= 660cals

Food total is still to be decided as my boyfriend wants to eat a roast this evening - nooooooo!  I said I would be having skinless chicken breast without fatty roast potatoes and gravy, I'll have some rocket salad and sweetcorn though.
So far today:  Breakfast:  2x Ryvita = 68cals
                                         5g Lurpak lighter = 27cals

                    Lunch:  3x Ryvita = 104cals
                                 100g Cottage Cheese = 75cals
                                 2x plums = 60cals

                    Snack:  150ml V8 Veg Juice = 30cals
                                1/2 pack of Nairns Cheese Oaty Bakes = 44.5cals
Total(before dinner)= 408.5cals

Considering I'm meant to be eating 1000cals on gym days I've done quite well...I have a feeling I may give in to the nagging to stay under 800cals but we'll see. 

Talk to you guys later!  Glas to be back and feeling more positive :)  Big hugs to all!


  1. Glad you are feeling more positive. I've never tried any drugs. I'm too scared...which is probably a good thing as I probably couldn't fit them into my budget anyways!!

  2. Oh fun, I love me some Charlie! I could totally get hooked too if I had tons and tons of money. Keep feeling well!

  3. Nicceeee =) Me and charlie seem to have fallen out of touch in the last few months... And i know what you mean about the one day to 3 day thing. But it depends what pills they are. Some don't even affect me after they wear off?