Thursday, 7 July 2011

¡Quiero ser flaquiiiita!

Hola mis queridas,
I've been missing my castellano speaking/writing, etc.  and at the moment Ich lerne Deutsch through Michel Thomas on my iPod, he's really good but his students are annoying in that they take ages to work through the processes and their pronounciation is bad so they go back and correct their pronounciation which is frustrating and slow.  So basically I'm very impatient and with languages my strong point has always been pronounciation and accents, when I was in Paraguay my local friends said that sometimes my grammar was off but I ended up sounding like una paraguaya and they also told me I was the first foreigner they'd met who could pronounce Guaraní words correctly.  ...oops I sound like my father, he usually brags about his areas of exeprtise and embarrasses/bores us all in the meantime... anyway I'm hoping to meet up with a friend's wife who's Mexican and I'll get some speaking practice.  Also going to Frankfurt in November so I can practice my German skills then, although most Germans hear your accent and start speaking in English to you, they even do it to my bf's step-mother who's lived there for 7 years now and speaks fluently.  So I'll have to track down some Germans in London and pick an accent to immitate. 

What I love about learning languages is that it makes you pick apart your own, I now appreciate English in that it is really rich.  It has a mixture of so many languages because in creating new words it turned to not only Germanic/Norse/French but to Latin and Ancient Greek.  It's funny that English has permeated most languages in the world now through technology, etc as English is probably the biggest borrower of words ever.  I think that's how it has survived so well because it has adapted (apart from its spelling that is, it would help a lot of folk if it was phonetic...alas). 

Anyway my brother is fine now, we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 3D yesterday which was brilliant - yes I love children's films.  I love children's films in the sense that I love to laugh, although I re-watched Bambi a few weeks ago and had to leave the room because I was infuriated with 'Man'.  As a kid I couldn't watch Lassi because something bad always happened and I hated that!  We went to the local pub and I didn't stay strong, two white wine spritzers with soda water, but it cheered my brother up so that's the main thing I suppose. 

Okay girlies I will update heute abend after supper to let you know how SGD Day 10 has gone :)  I'm definitely going to el gimnasio today as I feel sehr guilty for the wine and two slices of pizza last night, luckily there's no scale here to prove my fears of gaining.  Anyone who is interested in corresponding in castellano please e-mail me!  I feel like I'm withering in the linguistics department.
Hugs to all


  1. I do love languages.. Deutsch is next on my list! You'd have a ball with H, he loves random german conversation...

  2. I still want to learn a third language. German is awesome. French sounds very romatic though...
    Good luck with the Deutsch. :)