Thursday, 14 July 2011

Real Life Thinspo

Well my ladies I had an exciting day yesterday.  I met a quite famous US actress, when I've seen her on TV or in photos/interviews on the web she looks rather normal in terms of weight.  However when I saw her she was STICK thin and literally she was just bones!  I don't know whether she's slimmed down for the film she's doing with Brad Pitt at the moment because it'll be a Blockbuster and she doesn't want to look fat on the cinema screen but I spoke to costume and they said she was a US size 0/UK put things into perspective I'm a UK8/US4 currently so she is a whole 2 sizes smaller!  This was particularly triggering for me as I was actually there to see if I could be a stand in for her whilst she's filming in the UK.  I've lost 7lbs since middle of May and everyone has noticed, my boyfriend has told me not to lose anymore weight and apparantly my face is looking a little gaunt but I'm nowhere near as skinny as she is and she's 5'2", i.e. the same height.  I really felt they were saying "you're waaaay too fat".  I have no illusions, I know I won't get the stand in part but they were quite desperate to pull me in as the casting agent that phoned me up hasn't had me on their books for 2 years.  I suppose in the UK the size 0 infatuation isn't as prevelant as the US and so they're really struggling to find someone that fits her build. 

So I got home and had to get changed for my boyfriend's birthday meal, but I just felt sooooo shit, I honestly wanted to run down to the gym and run until I passed out.  However I couldn't abandon my bf on his birthday, he still comes top of my agenda.  Luckily going out with everyone cheered me up, they were sweet in telling me I was a skinny-minny...however I feel like I need to get some skinny-ass friends to help me slim down quicker as most of my friends here are through my bf and therefore at least 6 years older, settled and basically fatter.  If I had skinny friends then it would probably encourage me to go to the gym more and stop my hand reaching for the peanut butter and nutella. 

Meh, anyway I'm off to the hairdressers and stupidly enough I'll be going to the gym straight afterwards which means my nice blow-dried hair will be shoved up and sweat-sodden by 2pm...oh well!  I'll be visiting my folks over the's just non-stop at the I don't think I'll be able to do the Sunday weigh-in but I'll definitely do a Monday weigh-in. 

Thanks to everyone for comments on my last post, I'm still happy with 110.8lbs but after seeing that size 0 it has made me really zealous over attaining that!


  1. I don't think it's the size...per se. A few days ago, I was looking at the legs that were made for Winona Ryder that were used in the hospital scenes in Black Swan. They were so small and thin!! I was comparing them to my own legs and feet and they looked significantly smaller.

  2. They always say that they are so much skinnier in person. Wow.

  3. Being a stand-in sounds interesting... I'm sorry that it made you feel self-conscious though. :(

    Remember: you can do anything that you set your mind to! :)

  4. why didn't you mention the name of the actress?(;

    you really shouldn't compare yourself to an actress, they're whole live depends on their looks, and not just in the head, but also because of the money. You can reach your goals for sure, just dont let yourself get dragged down by a very skinny person.