About Me

So I'm ex ED sufferer who never actually received help or told anyone about it as I kind of had a personal recovery journey.  I still have a desire to be skinnier as I still have love handles and my legs feel like jelly - eugh.  So this time around there's no binging and purging, it's pure restriction the whole way, and if I do really well, i.e. when I reach my goal weight I'm going to treat myself to a michelin-starred meal because I know I will enjoy it soooo much!  I love food but not enough to stay this way.  After I reach 100lbs I plan to upload my before and after photos, this also gives me a goal :)
I started my weight loss in 2006 after ending a bad, controlling relationship and a trigger from a friend who was eventually hospitalised for anorexia.  I've had a break from losing weight for about a year and have just maintained but I'm ready to push again!
Date: 25th May 2011
Height: 5'2"
HW:  149lbs
SW: 117.4lbs
CW: 106lbs
GW: 100lbs (feather tattoo)
UGW: 94lbs (designer dress)
I'm using lbs because it seems to be an internationally understood measurement although I have to say I'm constantly using a converter to understand what it is in stones!
I set this up for encouragement and support but also because when I fail I can come and moan, reflect and carry on as I have to say talking about this to friends is a no go issue - so this is my space for freedom of speech.
I want to have a more positive outlook, as they (annoyingly) say "Turn that frown upside down!"

Anyone who needs support, advice or would like to encourage me please feel free to e-mail me - link through profile.  It would be great to hear from anyone going through the same process. :)
112lbs [X] 04.06.11
110lbs [X] 04.06.11
108lbs [X]13.08.11
106lbs [X] 21.08.11
104lbs [  ]
102lbs [  ]
100lbs [  ](feather tattoo)
98lbs  [  ]
96lbs [  ]
94lbs [  ] (designer dress/michellin star meal)


Weight: 110lbs

Weight:  110lbs

Weight:  111lbs

Weight: 109lbs

Weight: 112lbs

Weight: 110.6lbs

Weight: 110.4lbs

Weight: 108.4lbs

Weight: 106lbs
Current BMI: 19.39