Friday, 23 September 2011

Another Year

Hey my lovely ladies!

How are we on this fine (but freezing) afternoon?  I'm finding 19 degrees just a wee bit frosty for my liking although I know it'll now be 6 months of temperatures between -3 to 14 degrees...eugh.  I'd love it if I could just move all the great parts of London to a nice hot country...mmmm sun and heat...although saying that I love snow and skiing...

Anyhows just to let you all know I'm plateauing at movement whatsoever, this is mostly because I have only been to the gym once in one week! ahh I feel like a sloth but I have been spring cleaning and running about the place.  My main obstruction is the amount of reading I have to get done before I start back at uni, it's just huge plus the in-laws are arriving on Sunday for 4 days and we'll be out eating a couple of those nights which is scary because I'm frightened of putting on anymore weight.  I think my mum talked to my bf about my eating because he's been forcing me to finish my plate every evening and giving me massive portion sizes.  I just can't handle it!  Luckily with my new timetable I've scheduled in 4 gym sessions a week, I don't know if I can afford more than that because at the moment going to the gym is a 3hr round trip which takes up a huge chunk of reading/bf time, also I need one full day a week to work so I can actually earn some money otherwise I'll be flying off to Canada in December with only a few dollars in my pocket.

I'm officially a size 6(US2) now as the trousers I now buy are all that size,  before I was a UK6 on top but 8 on the bottom but my bum has reduced enough in size.  lol.  It's a bit annoying as losing weight through exercise has meant my boobs and my bum have completely diminshed, i.e. the curvy bits but on my thighs I think I've only lost about 2mm...what on earth is up with that?!  My goal is actually now a size UK4(US0)  as it won't look that skeletal on me due to my height and frame, my legs won't be that skinny anyhows,  although I might just have become a flat chest by that point...hmm.  Also girlies I'm almost a month late on the period side of things, I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant due to the fact my boyfriend and I haven't been hugely sexually active and we always use condoms.  I would buy a pregnancy test but they're expensive and I'm a cheap-ass student...I have a dr's appt to get more stomach meds next week so I might just ask for an on-the-spot one whilst I'm there.  Anybody else had this when losing weight?  Purely because even when I was mia and lost 28lbs I never had any problems with my period, it only got a little bit lighter but otherwise stayed regular.

In other news I went for an audition (just for an amateur dramatics company) on Wednesday and have got a callback for tomorrow so that should be exciting, I'm hoping to get a part as I haven't actually been in a proper production since leaving school and I miss being on stage sooooo much, I just love it!  Not just the stage part but the preparation and rehearsals, the social aspect and of course the liberation that acting brings, I just adore it!

Has anybody tried the teeth whitening kits you get from your dentist?  I've just done my first night with the moulds and gel in and today my teeth are super sensitive, I already use Sensodyne toothpaste so I guess there's not much else I can do except grin and bear it until the week's course is finished.  A friend of mine said she had sensitivity for 2 days and then it went away but it's seriously getting on my nerves as I've never experienced tooth sensitivity in my life.  My dentist did also say that I was almost guaranteed to feel it so I know it's normal to some extent but it's just so annoying!  Also the fact I can't drink any Coke Zero, coffee or tea is pissing me off after just half a day, well I can drink them but the results of the whitening will apparantly be significantly less and I didn't just fork out £200 to get a half-arsed result.  I've just realised the irony of the fact I will spend £200 on vanity and won't  spend £12 on a pregnancy test kit...but then again the pregnancy test I can get done on the Health Service and teeth whitening I can't so I suppose that is my reasoning, plus I had to ask my dad for the whitening money so technically it wasn't my money.  Oh dear, how shallow I must sound!  Mind you with all the money I'm saving on coffee and coke zero this week I probably can afford to buy a test kit...I've done it just once before and shoved it to the bottom of my basket and for some reason felt so embarrassed when the guy scanned it through, probably my ingrained Xtian upbringing telling me how stupid it is to get pregnant outside of marriage!  Luckily I never have been pregnant and forced into making that decision because although I hate the thought of denying life I also am one of the most selfish people I know and I also hate the thought of having to sacrifice my life for another's because I was careless enough to get pregnant.  More than anything that's probably why I stayed a virgin so long (not just because of hellfire but) because I was scared of getting pregnant.   I've seen so many of my friends have abortions or sacrifice their futures because of it that it just scared me shitless.

So progress pics time I guess, I was going to waiting until 100lbs but as I already missed my 106lb window I thought I'd give you the difference between 116.6lbs and 110lbs, there's more of a difference I feel in the fact I also went to gym and so there's not as much loose skin as there would have been if it was purely diet.  The 110lbs pic is of me in my bikini instead of underwear, purely because I love the bikini itself but also you are able to see more clearly my loss of boobage and bum - bye bye wonderful breasts!  (my poor bf, he's been mourning the loss of my cleavage recently...)



Love you all so much and 50 followers! I can't believe it!  Big hugs and skinny love (although I wouldn't wish this obsession on anyone) 

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I'm back!

Well hello beautiful people!

I'm finally back from holiday, my internet out there crapped out in the 3rd day so I was without t'internet for quite some time.  I'm afraid there's no way to catch up on everyone's shenanigans during the past few weeks as I'm busy doing all my reading, fitting in gym, doing a tonne of errands, working and spring cleaning (from scrubbing floors to wiping out the cupboards) in time for next Friday when the father-in-law is visiting.  So I may not be too communicative these next two weeks either.

All I can say is I loved Malta, predictable sunny weather with a tinge of humidity and brilliant, fun-loving people (if not just the faintest bit dramatic).  I enjoyed diving everyday which means my arm muscles are immense (from shifting the heavy gear) but unfortunately my mum succeeded in fattening me up, even my dad got concerned with making me eat...not that I'm an adult or anything?  So I hope you're not all too disappointed but I'm now 110lbs - a 4lb gain (ouch!).  I blame it on the olive oil and nutella.  I'm a sucker for mediterranean food, and even without the wheat there's lots of dips and olives and salads covered in olive oil plus delicious fish, lots and lots of fish!  It was really bad, I have a habit when diving to look at bream in particular and think 'mmmm tasty'...poor fish.  Of course as a diver I also get very protective of marine life when I see people spear fishing, or aimlessly catching damsel fish as a hobby as damsel fish can't be eaten, mostly because they're so small it's hardly worth eating them.  Luckily in the Med there's not so much the Indonesian practice of stunning entire reefs of fish with chemicals for the aquarium trade - basically it stuns the fish causing them to black out and then poisens the coral so entire areas of reef are destroyed because somebody wants a pretty fish or two to look at at home.  I'm sorry if you have home aquariums but I'm very much against them since becoming a diver - probably because as a diver you get your own interactive aquarium under the sea :)

I've been ill with a cold virus for the past few days, body aches the works so today with just a runny nose and sore throat I trekked down to the gym only to discover they're closed for maintenance...bah humbug.  Off now to collect a parcel for the bf and then return to clean the flat and try and fit in at least 3 hours of reading today - so 2 hours of cleaning (bathrooms most likely) and then 3hrs+ of reading for uni.

I'm going to be starting German evening classes and hopefully Mandarin but I'll have to check my class schedule to make sure I can fit it in - my mum kept warning me about not taking on too much but after this year I'm off for my year abroad (fingers crossed Colombia) so I want to get lots fitted in before I go.

Anyways I've got lots to do and it's already midday! eek!  Right love to you all and it's great to be back!