Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bits and bobs

Hey guys I want to say a special thanks to all of you who commented on my last post,  I've been feeling awful since last week and have lost a lot of confidence.  I've just about managed to maintain my weight so scales this morning 110.8lbs.  Not bad I suppose.  I'm now fixated on losing dress sizes, but to get down to a UK4 I would probably have to drop down to around 94lbs which seems like a lifetime away.  I think I'll concentrate on 100lbs first. 

So HP was amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing!  It's strange because we all know what happens but we still have to relive the journey again through the films :)

Anyway I've pretty much strayed from the SGD however I've found I cope better when I have a calorie limit for the day so I've limited myself to 1000cals on gym days and 700/600cals for non-gym days.  I will revise this every 2 weeks so that my body doesn't get into a routine of what to expect.  I admire those who fast because with my life I simply can't do it, unless my boyfriend goes away I'll never be able to do it and unfortunately he never does, in fact I'm the one who is always swanning off without him to visit friends and family.  The only holiday he's got planned without me is for next year when he's going on a trip to Las Vegas as a group with our friends to celebrate their honeymoon, I can't go because it'll be in the middle of my 2nd year exams so unless I want to fail my degree...however I also don't really fancy doing a fast during revision time, I'm a super-swat and big teacher's pet so if I get less than a 1st on any of my modules I will probably have a nervous breakdown.  Sad, I know.  Also my risk of binging and purging is extremely high considering my record. 

Last note of the day is an update about how my Gastro appointment went,  the consultant said that I should consider a wheat-free diet as I probably have excess bacteria in my gut (and nothing to do with my bulimia history) because I'm hypermobile(flexible joints) - i.e. hypermobility can affect internal muscles,  my stomach and means with it being stretchy it can harbour more bacteria than normal people.  So excess bacteria means extra fermenting of everything that enters my stomach, which in turn means that since wheat is the most fermentable thing eaten (and which is naturally not meant to be digested by humans) means that I suffer most whilst eating it.  So I went wheat-free for a week and after I ate noodles on Monday night I had a massive pot belly for 24 hours!  I honestly could not suck it in, I controlled my indigestion but honestly I felt like a huuuuuuge beached whale.  So it looks like the consultant was speaking some sense.  I'm going for a gastroscopy in September (lovely NHS waiting lists) so hopefully they can confirm/find out what my problem is, the consultant said it may still be a parasite left over from my travels in 2008...comforting. 

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  1. Aw stomach problems suck! I read up on a couple of your last posts, and am excited to follow you! Thank you for the comfort with the man-friend and his overeating and my overbearing. We just have to keep supporting it, and maybe giving a dose of reality now and again.