Thursday, 28 July 2011

Water Weight

Hey everyone! 

Well I've been to the gym everyday this week so far and I'll be going tomorrow again :)  I now am slightly addicted, the thought of not going this morning sent me into a panic.  I have to say my totals for intake have been around 1000cals each day which has meant that I've been maintaining the same weight.  My period is due literally now so I'm hoping it's just a bit of water weight plus the fact I managed to consume a whole 'small' salted popcorn at the cinema which won't have done anything for my water retention.  Today was going really well until after supper I realised I'd only eaten about 390cals for the whole day...which then led me to have two rather large teaspoons of Nutella...argh!  So with a total now of 570cals instead I'm feeling good I'm under 1000 but horrified I gave in to such temptation, I did 593cals worth of eliptical this morning but now I'm waiting for an hour until I can do some strength training and then my pilates DVD so that hopefully I won't see too much damage tomorrow morning.  The calories don't seem too bad but it's the hidden fat and sugar which then turns into horrible fat!  I've noticed that after drinking almost 3 litres of water already today that I don't have much of an appetite, water really does fill you up if you drink enough of it.

My whey protein powder arrived today so meal replacement starts tomorrow, yay!  I thought I might do breakfast replacement 5 days a week and see how that goes, if I need to I'll up it to breakfast and lunch but I'm concerned about getting my fruit and veggies in as well.  Although I'm taking Multivits, Acai, Calcium +VitD, Bvit Complex, Iron, Cod Liver Oil and L-Carnitine at the moment so maybe I don't need to worry so much!  I generally don't include my pills in my calorie intake but that's because I see them as an essential for living, is that cheating??

At work today the girls in reception told me I was looking tiny...which I don't understand as they saw me last week and I was exactly the same weight.  All I want are skinny legs but so far I've lost weight off my stomach and my boobs have gone down a cup size and my big wobbly legs have stayed exactly the same!  Where's the justice?  Well I still see a fatty in the mirror so I won't stop until I reach my goal weight.   I'm going to a Beach Rave night in two weeks so my goal is to achieve those fab abs and at least have lost half an inch off my bulky thighs.  It's going to be all tiny oriental girls so I have to be ready! 

Thank you for listening to my jumbled ramblings of calories and weight-obsessed thoughts, I'm sure it can be quite tiresome!  Love to you all, it's just great to know there are those that understand me :)


  1. Be careful hun! Especially with all that working out, make sure you are looking at your health too! But you sound like you are doing pretty well- my thighs stick around more than anything too- it sucks! Good luck!

  2. I don't count gum or vitamins in my calorie count. I can be OCD but that's where I draw the line.

  3. I never include vitamins in my calorie count. Especially as the average chewable multivitamin is only like 5 cals anyway....

    I'm a huge gym addict as well!! I feel like I spend more time there than I do at home. :/ But it is nice to have those couple hours all to myself.

    To get your abs tightened up, try sucking your stomach in all day every day. It takes a while before you remember to do it constantly, but my stomach is rock hard now and I don't even have to suck it in anymore--it stays like that on its own. :D


  4. Hey!

    Thanks for the great comment! Men are such dicks, don't they know that we buy the shoes to look good for them?! Well, that's our story and we're sticking to it! <3. XXX.