Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Well I've been really rubbish this past week.  I had to go and visit my brother as he had a crisis of confidence - he has depression like my mother.  Then I had to stay there and wash out all my gear from Glasto which unfortunately was more caked in mud than I had previously thought.  It also turned out to be my aunt's birthday celebrations so I had to go to that which I admit was fun but it meant I was away from all things thinspirational and after getting completely baked with my brother I ate almost a whole pack of those snowballs (marshmellow covered in chocolate and coconut)...so that wasn't good.

Also on my laptop I had put some thinspo pics as my desktop background and when I got back I noticed they had been changed to a pic of Glastonbury crowds - i.e. my boyfriend had been on my laptop whilst I was away...not good!  He hasn't mentioned anything and I refuse to bring it up because it's kind of hard to explain...also he made comments in front of people at Glasto about how I hardly ate anything and that was embarrassing.  Luckily he's out playing football tonight with friends so I can eat my tiny portions without being scrutinised.    Eugh it's annoying because he knows about my previous mia and so I just don't want an inquisition.  I have a whole folder on thinspo photos and workout regimes and even food calorie lists, it's labelled inconspicuously but I just hope he didn't stumble on it whilst searching my computer.  I have this horrible feeling he's going to try and fatten me up somehow.

On a better note I have bought some Chia seeds which are great for nutrients and cost 79cals a serving.  I had some in a pint of water this morning for breakfast and I have had so much energy since!  Great aspects are that it retains a lot of water keeping you hydrated for longer, it also releases energy very slowly meaning you get the most of your calories and it hopefully should help me have a regular bowel habit!  What more could you ask for? :)  Only downside is that after phoning about 10 different Holland & Barretts I had to order it off their website instead of going to an actual shop which meant I had to get it delivered to work, which then meant I had to traipse across London to pick up the package, worth it though.

I've joined Sunshinechild on the SGD but this was last week so technically I'm meant to be on Day 8 now.  I should be keeping a daily intake and exercise diary, not sure if calories burnt exercising cancel out calories eaten?  Can anyone help me there?  I will update my intake, etc after I've eaten my supper tonight. 

I've been to the gym today and am just about to do my strength training.  Since my bf is out tonight I'm going to put on my pilates dvd which I haven't done for 2 weeks, shocking really.  Ahh life gets in the way so easily doesn't it?  Anyway ladies sorry for the neglect and I hope you're all okay!
Big love to all

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