Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Weigh In

So my lovely ladies the ab fab news is that I am down to - wait for it..... 109lbs!!!!!  It's not a mahoosive loss but I am so chuffed because I haven't been this weight before.  Even when I was 10 I weighed 110lbs as I was a fat child - my mother called it puppy fat but I knew that let her off the hook for giving me such bad eating habits! Coincidently enough I was 2cm shorter than I am now so technically I've done a little better. 

So to reward myself I'm off to the health food shop to get some chia seeds and replace my diminishing stock of vitamins.  After I need to go for a grocery shop as my bf has a large appetite and I need to at least put something in the fridge.  Then I have to make final corrections to my CV and send that off and finally I need to continue tidying/washing/etc... as I didn't get much done yesterday after exercise and watching Wimbledon.  So it looks like I won't have time to go to the gym but I'll try and get in some strength training this evening as I quite often do it in the living room whilst my bf watches TV or plays PS3.  Oh crap I need to catch the Andy Murray match at some point today as well...hmm so much to do and too little time!  Talk to you amazing gals later!


  1. OMG! Effin' serious...haaaa, it's so wonderful! YAY!!! :D Excellent, I'm really happy for you...ugh, we really did well on this one. :)
    How did you lose? Restricting and exercise or any of those secret spy methods? ....(sorry, it's morning and I had way too much coffee...makes me silly). Stay right on track!! :D

  2. That's phenomenal. wonderful achievement!

  3. Amazing! I can't wait to be there some day... <3

  4. wow thats so awesome. If I only could be that low... I would love it.<3

    I also wanna know if you have some secrets besides restricting(;


  5. Thanks everyone! Well my only guess as to the loss is the walking around from 11am until 5am for 5 days, obviously with a few sit downs but when it was raining that wasn't really possible. I was also dancing a lot and only eating really salads or salad wraps or falafels. All I want to do now is not gain it straight back! xx