Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ode to a Wine Bottle

Phew, so a bit hungover today.  I had a wonderful day out yesterday with my one of my friends, we went to Green Park and sat under a shady tree (my friend is Taiwanese and has a thing about wanting to stay pale).  We were with a girl visiting from Korea so we took her up to Soho and went to SNOG this frozen yoghurt place which always seems to have Spanish employees (in all its shops).  I felt a bit guilty about getting a regular instead of a small but to be fair I hadn't eaten lunch and I went to the gym for 2 hours in the morning, so it was deserved I think.  We then literally went two doors down and got a Bubble Tea, which was more for my Taiwanese friend as it is a part of the national heritage in Taiwan!   So now I am in love with Bubble Tea, I had ginger flavour as I was avoiding the milky ones!  The cafe we went to only sells Bubble Tea and nothing else, it was set up by an ex-banker who went to Taiwan for 6 months to study Bubble Tea making and had enough money to come back to London and set up shop in the heart of Soho...I think I may go into the financial services industry...

So since I am student and love cheap anything, we went to the main student union and drank pretty much all night on £1.50 per glass of wine, brilliant!  My Taiwanese friend's boyfriend is from London and keeps teaching her all this London slang and basically I have to keep clipping him round the ear because half the words she comes out with I don't understand! Anyway I had an amazing time, danced my little socks off and came home to do a lot more dancing in the living room with my headphones on :)  My boyfriend was a dirty stop out last night so he's only just on his way home now!

So calorie counting went out the window yesterday but I did spend two hours at the gym and technically only had two meals (if you count the frozen yoghurt as lunch/supper) also I danced for quite a few hours.  So I woke up this morning, went on the scales and saw 110lbs!  Delighted is all I can say,  and I don't even have my hangover hunger - I tried eating some cereal, had two bites and was satisfied.  Just glugging lots of tea and water at the moment.  I thought I would share the weight as I wont be checking in again until next Friday on that front and I'm pleased to break the 8st(112lbs) barrier, so I just had to share!  My Taiwanese friend is the same height as me but maybe a more petite build and her natural resting weight is 98lbs!  Sometimes I really wish I had an Asian's metabolism, life would be a lot easier.

Have a wonderful day everyone, I'm off to snooze and then I have to crack on with my CV! Fun fun.

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