Friday, 10 June 2011

Late Night Eating

So I popped on the scales this morning and it was still 110lbs, I was disappointed but I did eat very late last night.  I had a coffee yesterday with a friend and then didn't have anything to eat until I got home last night.  I had a large falafel wrap and a couple of ricecakes and some rhubarb for dessert.  Not exactly a binge but I ate it at 11.30pm at night so not condusive to an early morning weigh-in.  Well onwards and upwards I say!  I have to say my appetite has almost completely vanished,  I seem to be lasting a lot longer in between meals and I start eating and I end up leaving most of it.  So off to the gym (in the pouring rain!) and again I am out tonight for my friend's leaving drinks, she's moving back to Canada! Nooooooo!  I think I'll need a two week recovery period after this week, sooo much drinking and late late nights. 

Hoping everyone is doing well,  I'm looking forward to pushing myself hard at the gym today especially with all that energy left from the food I ate last night :)  Stay strong everyone!


  1. you have such a positive attitude... I love it!!! :) good luck!

  2. I wish I weighed 110! I sure as shit am going to try! Hope you had a good workout! <3. XXX.

  3. Thanks guys! Workout was great - 110lbs is all relative I'm very short so when I was 149lbs I was in the top part of the overweight category. The only friends I have who are my height weigh around 100lbs or less so I've still got a way to go :)

  4. You sound so positive and *sunny*, nearly like it's not such a bad thing, when you don't lost 2lbs a week. It's so nice to read that.
    Hope you're doing well(:
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    would love it, if you want to join me (:


  5. Hello!!
    Let's have a tiny friendly competition, doesn't really matter if we reach our goals or not, of course that's the aim. .... But, let's just do it for ourselves. :D
    Be the best we can be! <3