Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sleep Deprivation (is worth it for some things)

Hey skinny-minnies!  Well I'm back from Glasto :)  Couldn't do a weigh-in this morning as after dropping the car off yesterday all trains had been cancelled back to London because of over-heated powerlines!(33 degrees yesterday...which is Mediterranean heat as far as I'm concerned)  So I had to catch a train back this morning.

So eating-wise I did pretty well, only falafels and salads with one pie, mash and gravy slip but to be fair I was out til 5am and I only ate half.  Anyways I'm suitably muddy, sunkissed and just plain exhausted!  I will do a weigh-in tomorrow and see if all that booze has fattened me up or not.

Glastonbury was superb as usual, highlights are: Primal Scream, Jimmy Cliff('I Can See Clearly Now'), Mumford & Sons, Brother, The Naked and Famous, The Vaccines, Jessie J(by far the best vocalist I have EVER heard!), Pulp(they played as 'Special Guests'), Chemical Brothers(awesome without pills but I bet with they would have been meteoric with...if you're into that kind of thing that is!),  Don McLean (purely for the singalong factor of American Pie), Laura Marling (my favourite artist ever - Ghosts is still my top song), Paul Simon, Eels and Beyonce. 

So just a little review on the note that Primal Scream were for me the best headliner and I can't see why people totally bum Coldplay and U2...basically their music is okay but I loathe Chris Martin and Bono, they both think they're flaming manna from heaven.  Anyway surprise love of the weekend was Jimmy Cliff who's an old reggae star, he pulled out some classics which I just couldn't stop dancing to.  Paul Simon only did 3 Graceland songs and the rest was new stuff which was disappointing, festivals are for well-known hits Paul, we haven't paid to come and see you especially!

Beyonce didn't bring on Jay-Z and didn't do an encore so I'm not singing her praises...also does anyone else hate that generic modern RnB love song sound?  Eugh it gripes me no end and she did a whole middle section of it, I only went crazy for her Destiny's Child hits to be honest and I was uber jealous of the wind machine that seemed to follow her around, wish I had that to give me some va va voom :) 

Highlights aren't just music-related, there's the Healing Fields, Stone Circle and Avalon Field if you want delicious organic food and relaxation hippie-style.  There's Shangri La and Arcadia if you want Blade Runner style underground night life with secret passages, clubs and reality-twisting designs.  Also comedy can be enjoyed at the Caberet tent or daily films play in the Cinema tent plus you can't forget the mind-boggling circus acts in the Big Top field.  So much to do, so little time = 5 days on 3 hours sleep...brilliant! Only regrets are not seeing Warpaint or Noah And The Whale .

So after much ranting and rambling I hope you girlies all are doing well.  I'm off to unpack, start washing clothes, scrub myself clean from 6 days worth of dirt and fluorescent body paint and get back into exercising.

Today's plan:  30 mins cardio (dancing to Glastonbury highlights on BBC)
                       30 push-ups
                       50 twisting crunches
                       50 crunches
                       30 sit-ups
                       50 side leg lifts
                       50 leg lifts
                       30 squats
                       100 jumping jacks
                       80 bicep curls (with 3lbs weights - need to invest in some heavier ones!)

I thought I'd leave you with a few of my favourites of the festival - here is Rambling Man by Laura Marling, Country Girl by Primal Scream, Moving On Up by Primal Scream, No One Knows by QOTSA, Don't Think by Chemical Brothers, Roll Away Your Stone by Mumford & Sons, If You Wanna by The Vaccines and this isn't from Glastonbury but I love her voice in this song Price Tag by Jessie J and another by Laura Marling Ghosts.

Hugs to all! xx


  1. Glad you had a blast! It sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. YAAAAAY! Sounds like so much fun - FESTIVAL FUN!
    Are you in the pictures?
    And good luck with the weight .... final day coming up for me. :D


    And then they had Beyonce mixed in? With all that alternative rock? How freaking random. lol.

    I like your exercise plan for the day! I might have to steal it.. minus the Glastonbury bit. lol. I live in America so I don't think we get BBC... erh... yueah. haha

    Good luck today! Take a shower! ;)

  4. hehe yeah it was pretty awesome. No I'm not I'm afraid, I'm not as tall as any of them - on the Friday I was in all my waterproofs and my bf said I looked like a child from behind who had come with their parents!...being short and petite is great in some ways but rubbish in others. lol. woohoo! I'll post on your your blog tomorrow - looks like you're doing amaazing sweetheart xx

  5. yep, well they had Jay-Z last year. I didn't watch him but apparantly he was great which was why Beyonce agreed to do this year - Chris Martin is trying to reel in all the current US big names because he's a Glastonbury regular. They also have people like Dizzee Rascal and Tinie Tempah who are British rap acts, I only saw Dizzee Rascal and I thought he would be awful but he totally got the crowd going, I only saw him because he was on after Spinal Tap.

    Yeah I wish I could share the BBC link for all the coverage but it won't play outside the UK - believe me when I was travelling I tried. It's because in the UK we pay a licence fee every month which funds all the BBC channels and programmes - the best thing about it is there are no adevert breaks! I remember visiting my aunt in Canada and there was a commercial after the opening credits and then just before the closing ones - it was infuriating!

  6. Ah man, sounds like you had a wicked time at Glasto! So jealous you got to see Eels and Pulp. I love Jarvie, he's one of my favourite Northern lads!

    Well done on your intake. I don't think a little pie 'n mash is anything to worry about! Hope the workout went well! All the best, Love. <3. XXX.

  7. Mumford & Sons, Chemical Brothers and Laura Marling... I can't begin to relate the magnitude of my envy! Gah. All right, mini freak-out over. Music... is the love of my life.

    Best of luck winding down and getting back in the swing of things!

  8. festival season is great, yay(: sounds like tons of fun^^
    I totally agree with that thing about modern RnB love songs... the all sound like some kind of wulf is whining in a mic...or something like that. (;