Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Slow Progress

Ouch only half a pound loss from last week! Although it is a whole lb loss from yesterday so there's something to be proud of. 

I have started putting my progress on my About Me page so I'll be publishing weekly measurements and weigh-in results.  This is to keep me focused and on track, hopefully it'll work!  My update will be late next week as I'm visiting school friends.  This might set me back however my friend I'm staying with has an ED so I doubt there should be much problem in the way of temptation, plus she is a total gym freak so I'm hoping to get in as a guest at her gym. 

I have the dentist in two hours! Eek!  I have three old fillings which need replacing because I'm vain and always get white fillings which cost more and need replacing more I will have a numb, elephant mouth for the rest of the afternoon.  This means only liquids, no hot ones though (as I learnt the first time I got a filling), at least not until a little bit of feeling comes back. 

A friend who works in Vancouver is popping round tonight for dinner before catching a connecting flight so he has requested ribs!  I've just started marinating them and they are soooo fatty.  I may just use the excuse of having a numb mouth and new fillings to wriggle out of that one.  The sauce is delicious though, I put lots of chilli in it...mainly because I am a chilli's just Jamaican BBQ sauce with dried chillies and extra seasoning.  Does anyone else enjoy cooking for other people?  I really like cooking food for other people and watching them eat it, a kind of vicarious living type-of-thing. 

Anyways I'm off out, quick gym stop and books to return to library (now that I don't have to return to uni until end of September!woop!).  Stay strong everyone and keep looking gorgeous!


  1. I love feeding other people... and congrats on the loss!

  2. Yay! I'm glad it's not just me :) Thank you soooo much for the support!