Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Just a quick one, I'm visiting friends so I can't tell how I'm doing weight-wise.  I managed to find a gym in the centre of town that allows me a day pass for a very cheap rate!  I went today, might not have time tomorrow but will definitely be going on Wednesday.  I've been up since 6am and am now off to bed, tired, very tired but also so excited to be seeing old friends again, I love reminiscing and catching up on gossip.  It's funny how some people's lives go a really weird direction, yet yours seems entirely normal.  Lots of people getting pregnant, getting divorced (yes even in their early 20s) and coming out.  I love the gossip, connects me back to the places I grew up, yet I would hate to be back embroiled in it, I much prefer the anonymity of the city, nobody in my business!  I'm so glad I have ambitions, it seems depressing to see the people I once knew spiral into mundanity (yes I know it's not a word).

Anyway weather forecast is rain, rain and more rain whilst I am here so I won't get in as many walks as I wanted.  I was good today, didn't snack - I can't count supper as it was in a restaurant but I had 385cals from breakfast and lunch and dinner consisted  of me nibbling on one slice of garlic bread and a few mouthfuls of risotto, I had to take the cheap option (being a student!).  Let's hope my 650cals in the gym did enough to compensate.  So I'm off to enjoy the rest of the time with my friends, I won't be calorie counting again until Friday but I will make sure I eat small portions and try to find cheap and healthy food - cheap no problem but healthy maybe not so.  I love it here, it's so flaming cheap compared to London, normally a small white wine spritzer will set me back £4 in London...up here in the cheapest place it is 99p!!!!!!(normal places around £2.10)...I don't know why I didn't choose to be a student in the north...oh well!
Take care everyone and I'll update you soon!


  1. Congrats on finding a gym! I want to join a gym, I usually just play tennis for exercise. I love the rain, walking in the rain is beautiful. I hope you have a lovely day! <3

  2. That's awesome, Babe! Whatever makes you happy, confident and empowered, do it with every fibre of your being! You go, girl! <3. XXX.