Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Checking In

I'm sooooo sorry for my absence.  Uni and general life has just been non-stop.  I have so many classes, both uni and extra and now all my school friends are moving to London at once so I've been out every spare night to plays, drinks, parties, etc.  It just never stops.  This is actually my first night off with bf out of the house in, well, a veeeery long time.

I will have to have to admit I have not gained or lost a single ounce.  I will admit to the fact I have had no gym time for almost three weeks, this is mainly due to scheduled gym hours being taken up by uni work (it's essay time at the moment) or being hungover, so although I may have miraculously stayed the same weight I feel fatter because I've lost quite a lot of muscle blooming quickly it disappears eh?  I just have no motivation to do my strength exercises either, I think I'm one of those people that if I can't be mega-obsessed and let it take over my life then I fall out of it.  I know that if I was working full-time I would be back to my gym-obsessed ways, purely because I have more of a routine but also because when work finishes, it finishes whereas with Uni if you don't get your reading done in the allotted time you've given yourself then you have to continue on, it doesn't just fit within a specific timetable...

Calorie intake is unknown also, I'm just not counting, I just don't have time, I'm here then there then back here again...but you know what?  I'm really happy, the fact the obsession is not dominating my every thought is amazing and for some reason my weight seems to have shifted from my thighs to my boobs so I can now fit easily into UK6 all types of clothing and even with increased boobage I have a few UK4(US0) tops in my wardrobe.  I couldn't believe it, I feel like it's not true, that the highstreet is playing a cruel joke on me by upping their measurements without telling anyone.

I'll hipefully check in again soooooon! Boyfriend is just back in the door - and he's a bit nosy about my computer activity so I'll say ciao for now


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  1. Hey,
    Another fellow Londoner here - just wanted to say hi :) Love the blog.
    I can't believe you're a size 4 - that's amazing! I bet you look beautiful. I'm the same height as you, but I'm more like 56kg at the moment. Eugh. You're such an inspiration :)
    I read your post about lost childhoods/growing up and maturity, and I can certainly relate. I also feel like it's unacceptable for me to act immature these days, which I sometimes desire. I often wonder about how other people my age can be so immature (and often, ignorant).
    I was going to ask if you'd like an ana text buddy (although I am not strictly "pro ana", but I am looking for motivation and inspiration), but I'm guessing you don't need one? I've never really thought of having one before, but I read about somebody else's experience (but they're in the US) and it seemed to work for them.
    Anyway, sorry for the essay.
    Much love,
    AA xxx