Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I'm back!

Well hello beautiful people!

I'm finally back from holiday, my internet out there crapped out in the 3rd day so I was without t'internet for quite some time.  I'm afraid there's no way to catch up on everyone's shenanigans during the past few weeks as I'm busy doing all my reading, fitting in gym, doing a tonne of errands, working and spring cleaning (from scrubbing floors to wiping out the cupboards) in time for next Friday when the father-in-law is visiting.  So I may not be too communicative these next two weeks either.

All I can say is I loved Malta, predictable sunny weather with a tinge of humidity and brilliant, fun-loving people (if not just the faintest bit dramatic).  I enjoyed diving everyday which means my arm muscles are immense (from shifting the heavy gear) but unfortunately my mum succeeded in fattening me up, even my dad got concerned with making me eat...not that I'm an adult or anything?  So I hope you're not all too disappointed but I'm now 110lbs - a 4lb gain (ouch!).  I blame it on the olive oil and nutella.  I'm a sucker for mediterranean food, and even without the wheat there's lots of dips and olives and salads covered in olive oil plus delicious fish, lots and lots of fish!  It was really bad, I have a habit when diving to look at bream in particular and think 'mmmm tasty'...poor fish.  Of course as a diver I also get very protective of marine life when I see people spear fishing, or aimlessly catching damsel fish as a hobby as damsel fish can't be eaten, mostly because they're so small it's hardly worth eating them.  Luckily in the Med there's not so much the Indonesian practice of stunning entire reefs of fish with chemicals for the aquarium trade - basically it stuns the fish causing them to black out and then poisens the coral so entire areas of reef are destroyed because somebody wants a pretty fish or two to look at at home.  I'm sorry if you have home aquariums but I'm very much against them since becoming a diver - probably because as a diver you get your own interactive aquarium under the sea :)

I've been ill with a cold virus for the past few days, body aches the works so today with just a runny nose and sore throat I trekked down to the gym only to discover they're closed for maintenance...bah humbug.  Off now to collect a parcel for the bf and then return to clean the flat and try and fit in at least 3 hours of reading today - so 2 hours of cleaning (bathrooms most likely) and then 3hrs+ of reading for uni.

I'm going to be starting German evening classes and hopefully Mandarin but I'll have to check my class schedule to make sure I can fit it in - my mum kept warning me about not taking on too much but after this year I'm off for my year abroad (fingers crossed Colombia) so I want to get lots fitted in before I go.

Anyways I've got lots to do and it's already midday! eek!  Right love to you all and it's great to be back!


  1. Welcome back. 4lbs on a vacation is not bad at all. Glad you had fun and enjoyed.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Sounds like you had a great time. :)

    Good luck with your classes!

  3. Welcome back! It sounds like you had a lovely time. The weight is not a big deal, it'll come off... these things happen on vacation.

    Enjoy that........ cleaning. Ha

  4. sounds like you had tons of fun don't worry the 4 lbs will go quickly :)

  5. mandarin is awful, I had classes for two years and I learned really nothing, maybe because of the bad teacher, but still.
    about german class I cant say much, since I live in germany and its my native tongue.^^ I can post german comments when you get started. :D

    I absolutely know what you were talking about when it comes to mediterrean food at parent's. But it just tastes sooo good.

    glad you enjoyed your hollydays(: