Saturday, 13 August 2011


Wow, thank you for the fabulous responses!  I really appreciate all your opinions and I have decided to go with the majority and opt for Dress number 2!  Woohoo! I'm going to look hot thanks to you guys :) 

So second news of the day is that I'm finally down to 108!  Well 108.4lbs to be precise but I'm happy nonetheless :)  Once I reach 106lbs I've promised myself a shopping spree which might be difficult as I'm flat broke and trying to save money for my holiday to Canada in December...well I'll see if the sales are still on otherwise I might set foot in Primark for the 1st time in my life or might try and find some bargains at Spitalfields (clothes market in East London).  I have nothing against Primark but as a teenager I became aware that most people wore it and living in a small city the shopping options were limited which meant at least once a week you were likely to bump into someone wearing the same item of clothing, therefore since Primark was so popular I just stayed away from it, much like I do with Topshop nowadays but that has the ridiculous mark up in prices to add to it.  At least Primark know that price matches quality whereas Topshop loves to increase its prices whilst declining in quality, a lot of my H&M tops have lasted a lot longer than my Topshop ones. 

Anyway I was all set up to go to the gym and then my boyfriend announces he wants me to go to a football match with him today because his friend has pulled out and he doesn't want to go alone.  If I go it means I won't have time to both go to the gym AND straighten my hair before my friends come round for pre-drinks so since I have realised that my relationship means more to me than the gym I am dutifully now cleaning the flat, straightening my hair and then going to the football match instead.  Unfortunately it's forecasted to be drizzle all this afternoon which is the worst weather for my hair...great... I hope he appreciates this! Especially as I won't be able to go to the gym tomorrow on a hangover and I'm working full-time from Monday so it's going to be hard to drag my bum out of bed to go before work - I can't go after work because by that time I'm about to collapse from hunger and as a receptionist it's hard to eat something at your desk also if I go after work I won't get home until about 9pm and I don't eat anything past 8pm as a rule.  Argh.  Oh well love rules all! 

Speak to you lovelies soon


  1. Congrats on the weight loss!

    And yay for dress number two!

    Finding time for working out on top of social life-ing and job working is difficult. Maybe just try to fit in small segments of activity throughout the day?

  2. Awe thanks, congrats on your progress too! It makes me so sad thinking about dance now because it was such a huge part of my life for so long...I'm sure if I tried to go back to it I'd be frustrated by how much flexibility and technique I've lost. And the ebay thing is such a good idea, maybe I'll sell a few things that will be worth a bit of money. Way to be a supportive girlfriend, I know it can be hard sometimes. Try to have fun at the game!

  3. Good job on the loss! I use shopping to motivate me too.. it's a win win because you get to treat yourself to new clothes AND you are smaller because you've lose weight :)

  4. It's very admirable that you hold your relationship with your b/f more important. I know I wouldn't be anywhere close to sane if I didn't have my husband. Hope you had a good weekend and recovered well!