Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Summer's resolution?

Well what a fantastic weekend!  I had an amazing time with my boyfriend's friends, danced a lot, drank a lot and ate very little :)  I did put on half a pound but considering the amount I drank I am not surprised. 

So I'm nervous about tomorrow, I've eaten 878.5cals today which is more than I was aiming for purely because I wanted to lose at least a pound to show I'd lost weight from last Wednesday.  But I have a soft spot for my special salad - it contains mixed salad leaves, cucumber, red or orange pepper(capsicum), 1 red chilli, raspberries, blueberries and small pimiento stuffed green olives.  It's so tasty that most people agree that it never needs dressing (apart from my brother the ketchup monster). 

Ooo I love my new yogalates dvd, it's not as challenging as I thought it would be but it has a 15 minute instant abs section which is a total killer!  Also from using my new abs toning machine from last week I've lost half an inch off my waist! (so that kind of makes up for the weight gain).

So ladies I'm all set to go full steam ahead from tomorrow - this will be gym everyday(the membership time I have left), dvds, toning belt and on less active days a target of 800cals or less.  Bring it on!

One last thing before I bore you all to death, I had a MASSIVE row with the boyfriend last night because first he said he would let me portion out my own food and then went ahead and dished me out a huge portion and when I separated out the food I was going to eat off the plate he started having a go at me and was telling me how to eat my food.  Well I completely flipped, I think it was the control - obviously when you are trying to control your intake and someone comes in and starts trying to dictate how you eat it's infuriating!  That's why I moved out when I was 18, worked, went travelling, etc because I wanted freedom - I don't want another home situation where I'm told what to do!!!  I've decided it's easier if I cook now, that way he can't dictate and I don't mind cooking more calorific things because I'll just give myself a smaller portion. 

Weigh day tomorrow, wish me luck!

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  1. Great job on staying in control! It's your body and can eat how you want.