Friday, 27 May 2011

Alcohol, Storms and Weekends

Well hello,

So today would have been uneventful except it was my last exam, woohoo! Also we had a few torrential downpours due to a thunder storm passing so my umbrella got obliterated and I arrived home and had to wring out my scarf!  I have to say the hot shower I had when I got home was THE best.

So eating has been fine today but I had 2 cheeky glasses of wine this evening in I'm wild...however this weekend I am off to a beer festival so really excited about that!  Obviously I won't be having beer, I only associate beer with being in a hot Spanish-speaking country or in Germany - that's when beer is refreshing :)  I'll be seeing friends and participating in dreaded BBQs (weather permitting) so I will be heading for the non-dressed salad and hopefully I can have a marinade-free chicken breast because BBQ is like grilling but from underneath right?  Although my usual tendency is to have a bottle of wine and forget about the food, liquid calories AND I usually find something to dance to.  I love weighing after nights out as there is always a 3-4lb loss purely because I've been sweating it out on the dance floor all night - so waterloss a major factor but I can live with that.  Also I never eat when coming home, I'm usually dragged round the late-night pizza and kebab houses with friends always trying to buy me chips but I'm so ingrained not to do it because by that point I'm probably going home to stick my head down the toilet! lol, great image there for everyone.

I will give you all a weigh-in next Wednesday - total calories today was approx 1300 with wine  - couldn't count precisely because my boyfriend was home so he would have asked me why I'm measuring out a glass of wine...

Oooo also latest is I've got a Slendertone Flex Max for abs which I found amazing reviews for on amazon and other shopping websites.  So had my first session today and if I only use it 4 times a week then you can get results in 2 weeks - knowing me I'll be on it twice a day.  I've never found crunches worked for me, pilates is the only other exercise that reeeeeally tones my stomach so I've bought a pilates DVD as well!...How will I ever save money?...

So I need some discipline this weekend, I have a choice: food or alcohol, and being the true Scot that I am I know which one I'll be leaning towards :)  Kind of praying that I'll have lost another 2lbs by next week, this week has been great so I'm determined it's going to continue!


  1. I absolutely adore the rain, though being wet all over can be an uncomfortable feeling. Congrats on your intake today, I'm glad you enjoyed the wine! I also can't measure out anything in front of anyone, I have a feeling they would be suspicious about me measuring 1/4 of a cup of Cheerios. I'm not sure what a Slendertone Flex Max is, but I'm sure it'll work really well! Good luck tomorrow, stay beautiful!

  2. I love the rain when it's warm but here it's kind of chilly :) Yeah I know, my mum who is quite a large lady has recently lost about 35lbs because she has been measuring out food and monitoring her intake and everyone finds it fantastic but if a slim person does it then suddenly you get labelled and stigmatised, annoying! Lol it's like a tummy toning belt, my goal is to have hard rock abs by Spetember as I'll be in a bikini that month. Thank you soo much for the encouragement!